SAUDIA – new Luxurious first class seat on B777-300er

Making a spot for a new first class cabine in a new jet, besides ..the jet was not ready and the new first class furniture was still top secret, no cad data no samples no jet, Just a bunch of crappy fotos a chopped up cad model of the penultimate first clas cabine. This was really an experience and a lot of work for the whole team. My part was to model, uv and texture the complete cabin, i also did some camera animation and lighting. As the filming had begun i was also the VFX supervisor assistant. At the end of the project i also did the composition,  retouching, color grading etc for the images which should be printed

Project Details
  • AD: SAUDIA - new Luxurious first class seat on B777-300er
  • Release: 08.2013
  • Company: Optix Digital
  • Role: VFX supervisor assistant, 3D Modeling, UV Layout, Texturing, Camera Animation, Lighting
  • Tags: 3D, Ad