BMW i – Born Electric

This project was exciting, since BMW didn’t allowed us to use the actual i8 Prototyp, we have to fake it ^^ So we recorded 2 different cars and replaced them with a CG model. I had the role of the VFX Supervisor Assistent and later on I worked on the Cyborg shot. For the character was given me a rough concept drawing, unfortunately this wasn’t working at all, so i had to redesign it. After that was done i modeled, riged, animated and  textured it, made the sceen including matchmoving and lighting. A really cool Project!

Project Details
  • AD: BMW i - Born Electric
  • Release: 09.2013
  • Company: Optix Digital
  • Role: VFX supervisor assistant, 3D Modeling, Character Modeling, UV Layout, Texturing, Camra Animation, Matchmoving, Lighting
  • Tags: 3D, Ad