Bitburger – FIFA World Cup 2014

This poject was filmed in a green screen studio, so everything you see, except the players and about 20 peoples in the background is CG. I did some hardsurface modeling and texturing, the roof cover and some of the the stadium interior, we had to replace the ball because at the time we recorded, the worldcup ball was still top secret so i had to make one to replace the „wrong“ ball later. Besides all of above mentioned I did the placement of all the fake flags ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what a fun. btw..the intro shot with the roof, made it not to the final version of the spot -_-

Project Details
  • AD: Bitburger - FIFA World Cup 2014
  • Release: 05.2014
  • Company: Optix Digital
  • Role: VFX supervisor assistant, 3D Modeling, UV Layout, Texturing, Camera Animation